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Cherry Wine is a hybrid strain averaging 20:1 ratios of CBD to THC expression. This is a The Otto II is a hybrid high-CBD hemp seed developed in Colorado. CBD + CBDA %: N/A THCV + RSP10126 - Otto HETEROZYGOSITY Least Heterozygous Most Heterozygous 1, RSP10390-Sour Diesel X Cherry Pie, 6.49. Sep 18, 2019 HOME › Forums › General Discussion › CBD Hemp Flowers Lights Online, Buy Organic CBD Hemp Flowers, Buy Otto X Cherry Online, Buy  COAs as high as 22% - State licensed Colorado hemp farm with high-CBD Dark Cherry; Otto Wine (Otto II x Cherry Sweetened) x Cherry Wine)) SOLD OUT  #5 x Cherry Wine. Quantity: Price: CBD %:. Location: View Details Otto 2 x Chardonnary. Quantity: Price: CBD %:. Location: View Details. "This platform will 

Cherry wine and Otto are 2 well established CBD strains- I don't think it is that farfetched. Tweedle Farms sold oxch during their first major season.. It's not like they are trying to sell 'Intergalactic Diesel Kush' or some bs name like that

​Ratio CBD/THC: 26:1Finish Time: Less than 6 weeks. Cherrywine X Sweetgrass is a hybrid bred from the Otto II Franklin phenotype and Cobbler with open  Jan 17, 2020 Therefore, as growers strive to increase the hemp plant's CBD or other 22 C4-Otto. NEW. Floral. U.S.A. 226 Wife X Cherry Wine. NEW. 10%+ CBD content | Strains: Cherry Blossom, Otto II x The Wife, Cats Meow, Opal 100 16% CBD pre order! CHERRY X OTTO II SWEETENED Average CBD-A: 10% - 14% Average THC: 0.29% greenhouse-growing-system-industrial-hemp-clone-otto-ii-. OTTO II  Jan 17, 2020 Therefore, as growers strive to increase the hemp plant's CBD or other 22 C4-Otto. NEW. Floral. U.S.A. 226 Wife X Cherry Wine. NEW.

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(AC/DC x Otto ll) x (The Wife x Cherry Wine) High CBD Hemp Seeds. Harvest by day 45-50 indoor or late September outdoor if concerned with staying federally compliant under .3% THC. They all should test around 10-14% CBD. Please note The Wife crosses may take a few extra days since The Wife takes longer … Otto x cherry #4 : I feel high : hempflowers "High" has become a meaningless term. I feel something when I drink caffine. Also the first time someone takes CBD oil often they feel something, then that quickly goes away. I felt something at 7mg my first time with CBD, now with 100mg of quality CBD I feel nothing, but it helps my mental/physical issues. I was sensitive at first though. OTTO x Cherry - Legal Hemp Online Buy OTTO x Cherry at the best market price. All our products are made with pure natural ingredients free of THC. Order online now!

Cherry x Otto II: Sweetened. The Sweetened phenotype is a cross between Cherry and Otto II, resulting in a blend of characteristics of both genetics. The expression of the phenotype is a vigorous growing plant with short internodes, resulting in a fast- growing stocky plant. Another component of its phenotype is the terpene profile. This plant

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